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Our partnerships with pharmacies constitute an essential part of what we do to improve health outcomes, helping us deliver an efficient end to end and affordable service.

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Our Users Pick You

We promise our customers that they can collect prescriptions from your pharmacy within 1 hour.Customers on our platform decide which pharmacy they would like to have their prescription picked up.


Our GPs will email a prescription directly to a secure mailbox in your pharmacy, and request that the medication be dispensed urgently.

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Our In-House Compliance Pharmacist Support

Our own in-house pharmacist ensures our processes comply with all regulatory requirements, and they'll always be available to give you any additional information you might need and support where needed.

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Controlled Drugs


Our Prescribers are discouraged from prescribing Controlled Drugs. Should the patient treatment absolutely require it, they would only ever prescribe schedule 4 and 5 controlled drugs.

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