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Nothing is more important than our health. We want to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. We will achieve that goal faster, by joining forces with partners like you..

Insurance partnerships

Wazima gives Health insurance companies greater exposure, improves accessibility and reach to all the users of our platform. We provide a seamless platform for you to receive and manage information from our users.

Franchise Partnerships

Are you looking for a stable digital platform which utilizes technology to deliver health services and improve outcomes in your Country? Wazima delivers just that as well guidance to ensure ease of set up.

Pharmaceutical Partnerships

People worldwide rely on high-quality and effective medicines to treat and manage their acute and chronic health conditions. At Wazima, we firmly believe that partnerships with pharmaceutical Companies would enable us reach more of those within these groups while collecting ‘real time’ health data.

General & Specialist Health Partnerships

We are looking for Worldwide partners within the health sector as we continue to develop and expand the capabilities of our platform, which combined with our high level of customer services can help everyone live healthier and more productive lives.

Community & Retail Partnerships

Wazima partners with the best pharmacy brands and provides easy access to expert health advice and prescriptions for your patients. By partnering with us, you will achieve higher volumesof private prescriptions and increased footfall in your stores. Access to our range of digital services would also ensure you stand out from the rest.

International Partners

We would like to explore partnership opportunities with Governments and Private sector Companies to help revolutionise healthcare delivery and their efficiencies using Wazima.

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