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20 July, 2020
Diabetes is a highly prevalent issue in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Over 4.7 Million people in the Nigeria suffer from diabetes, with the younger generation being particularly affected. Many others who are affected are yet to be diagnosed. Telehealth has great potential to change the way diabetes is managed by improving efficiency of care and enhancing quality of treatment for all patients who suffer from this condition. 
Care for diabetes has advanced to a point where self-management is becoming a typical course of action. Wazima Health (Self-care) is a telehealth platform that provides an effective, inexpensive option for measuring and controlling diabetes through dietary controls and activity regimens via online consultations with Local and Global Health Practitioners. The web-based platform is accessible via any Internet enabled mobile device, laptop and computer. Management of diabetes is enormously dependent to lifestyle modifications, which can be continuously monitored by a licensed doctor on the Wazima platform. These doctors are accessible 24/7 to the patient. 

Integrating Wazima into diabetes care, whether in existing patients or newly diagnosed, can ease the strictures of lifestyle modifications that are required. 
The patient’s medical records are confidentially stored in the cloud, on the platform and access is strictly restricted to the consulting doctor. Furthermore, consultation slots purchased by another individual or group, typically a family member, can be allotted to a patient. In addition to Video (Audio-Visual) Consultations, a patient can also choose Audio or Text modes of communication with their doctors. 

Another great feature of Wazima Health is the module that allows for prescribed drugs to be bought and delivered to any location of the patient’s choice. 
Proper management of diabetes is critical to the patient’s health and longevity of life. Advances in technology have proven the potential to improve quality of care and increased access to healthcare services for diabetic patients, especially those with type 2 diabetes. Wazima, a leading TeleHealth provider in Africa is playing its role in the eradication and management of Diabetes.

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