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Integrated Digital Healthcare System Ltd Announces Corporate Name Change to Wazima Health

31 January, 2020
Integrated Digital Healthcare System Ltd (IDHS Ltd), a healthcare web-based platform and mobile app, announces its corporate name change to Wazima Health effective December 17, 2019. As part of its name change, the company has launched our new corporate platforms at |

“The legal name of the company will continue to be Integrated Digital Healthcare System Ltd however for branding and marketing purposes the company will now be   referred to under this new corporate name, as a Trademark of IDHS Ltd. The headquarters of the company will remain in the UK,” said Elizabeth Eweka-Adeshina the Founder of Wazima Health. 

Why are we rebranding?
* To adopt this brand name which better reflects who we are
* To simplify and focus our health message
* Launching platform updates to better serve users

Wazima (formerly known as iDHS.HealthWise) launched in the UK and Nigeria in Q4 2018 and has achieved recognition in the healthcare industry in Nigeria and collated lots of feedback. Our rebrand and updated platform incorporates some of this feedback and helps us better serve our users; for instance Nigeria users can now have an online consultation with a Doctor on Wazima for less that $1.50 , Doctors can still register free on our platform and our users in Africa, the GCC & Europe can also obtain health information, medical care, medical services and medical professionals effortlessly through our Selfcare, Pregnancy Support and Symptom Checker modules. 

The highly qualified GPs and Specialists on Wazima Health will continue to offer valuable healthcare services, suggest treatment and triage & if necessary prescribe medicines for different types of medical and mental health conditions quickly & effectively though video consultations. 

Other services Wazima Health will provide are: 
  • Self-care modules for supporting those who suffer from chronic health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease and others
  • Pregnancy & fertility support 
  • Referral to reputable and reliable specialist doctors, therapists, pharmacists, hospitals, Gyms, Spas and diagnostic centres for face-to-face examination 
  • Health Insurance plans 

Easy payment Options – Ask your family member or friend in another Country to make your consultation and Insurance payments on our platform
If you have any queries about the corporate name change or any thing else, contact the global team at

About Wazima Health 
Wazima Health, formerly known as iDHS.HealthWise is an integrated healthcare mobile app & web-based platform in the UK and Africa. We aim to provide healthcare solutions to the people of Africa and Europe. Our main aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of our users by giving them the right healthcare information and offering them the access to medical professionals, medical care & medical services in Nigeria digitally, easily and speedily. 

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