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Controlling your blood sugar level effectively

28 February, 2019

The blood sugar level is the amount of glucose present in the blood. Glucose is a simple sugar and approximately 4 grams of glucose are present in the blood of a 70-kilogram (150 lb) human at all times. The body tightly regulates blood glucose levels as a part of metabolic homeostasis. Glucose is stored in skeletal muscle and liver cells in the form of glycogen; in fasted individuals, blood glucose is maintained at a constant level at the expense of glycogen stores in the liver and skeletal muscle.

The most effective way to control blood sugar levels is by making healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable in the long-run. 

Here are 3 positive lifestyle changes you should make:

  1. Diet – Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Whether you are at a healthy weight or not, it's important to be weight smart by frequently checking what you weigh.
  2. Exercise – Increase your physical activity, by doing 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week including walking.
  3. Hydration – Drink plenty of clean water, the rule of at least 8 glasses a day is a good and easy one to follow.

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