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The founder of the WAZIMA is a medical professional with several years of experience in UK practice.
Having also spent many years involved in various non-digital healthcare projects and solutions in the various parts of
sub-Saharan Africa, she realised that people are needlessly dying... Read More


WAZIMA is an integrated healthcare mobile and web-based App which aims to put medical consultation
and other health promoting services and products in the user's hand. This web-based platform is accessible via
any internet enabled mobile device, laptop and computer. It gives you access to local and global GPs and ... Read More


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Wazima: Online Doctor Consultation Platform in Nigeria & Africa

Through our online doctor consultation services, you may ask your health and wellbeing questions & get the right medical advise at your convenience. Wazima allows you to ask a qualified doctor or other healthcare practitioner whatever questions you have whilst maintaining privacy. You can consult with our doctors online anytime 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. All you need to do is sign up, make the applicable payment online and get connected on live chat, audio or video with our doctors – they respond within minutes and are always ready to listen to your health concerns.

You can have online consultations with a range of qualified GP, Specialist, Ophthalmologist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Mental Health therapists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Nutritionist, Dietician and more.

For online doctor consultation at Wazima, follow 3 simple steps - find a doctor, book an appointment and get the right health solution at your convenience

Just to make sure we answer those key questions…

How Affordable are the Prices on Wazima?

We have worked very hard to ensure our medical consultation prices are as affordable as possible starting at just over one US dollar equivalent. To make Wazima even more affordable and convenient, you can ask a family member or friend to help you with the payment online and you can then use our consultation services. For instance family abroad (diaspora) can pay for you to see a doctor and purchase health insurance for you on Wazima. It’s pretty easy, see our FAQ section or contact us through your dashboard.

Of course, we also have lots of free health boosting and promoting services on Wazima.

Can the Online Doctors on Wazima Solve my Medical Issue?

Less than 35% of people who need to see a doctor will need to physically go to a hospital, most Users requiring primary care can be successfully managed on Wazima by the qualified doctors and health practitioners who will give you expert medical advice on your health issues & help you identify the next steps in your care that may include further tests, prescription, treatment or lifestyle tips. We have features like live text chat, audio calling and video calling to ensure that the doctors get all the information that is needed for diagnosis.

Are the Doctors & Health Practitioners on Wazima Qualified?

We follow a strict verification process for every doctor on Wazima. Any doctor or other health professional whom you consult with on our platform is a validated medical practitioner having been checked manually by our Dr Validation team. We even take feedback from our users to ensure that the doctors are maintaining high standards on online consultation.

Is My Online Doctor Consultation Private on Wazima?

Every online doctor consultation on Wazima is completely confidential, private and protected. We take your privacy seriously and are compliant with industry standards including GDPR and HIPAA to ensure that all your medical information & consultations are secured with encryption.

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